clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced
clarks creek is to be preserved and enhanced

The mission of the Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association (CCWPA) is to preserve, protect and enhance the environmental integrity of Clarks Creek, and to advocate the conservation and sustainability of its natural resources while promoting restoration and safety within the watershed.

CCWPA Activities

PLEASE VOLUNTEER AND JOIN US on OCTOBER 23, 2021 — to Help Keep the Watershed Clean!

Please volunteer and join us! Our 21st "Adopt-a-Highway" Trash pickup session is scheduled for Saturday, October 23, 2021, from 9 am to noon. Once again, our efforts are under the aegis of the Great American Clean-Up of Pennsylvania.

Adopt-a-HighwayWe will meet at FLEMISH DOWN (1231 Clarks Valley Road) at 9 am for orientation and distribution of gloves, tools and trash bags. We will also be providing MASKS for anyone who needs to wear one while collecting the trash (or you can wear your own).

The pick-up session lasts until noon, after which we will have a PIZZA PARTY to thank the volunteers! We have enough outdoor space to allow comfortable seating while eating at a distance, so it should be fun!

Use our
CONTACT FORM to let us know you're interested in helping out, or send us an e-mail.

In case of inclement weather, we will e-mail all the volunteers, so it's important you contact us.

OUR 20TH TRASH COLLECTION SESSION on MAY 8, 2021 —Helped Keep the Watershed Clean!

It's astounding but true — our Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association (CCWPA) Trash Collection Session in May was our 20th, and also our 10th Anniversary — our first Adopt-a-Highway Trash Collection effort was on May 2, 2011! Here is a photo of our crew on May 8, 2021 — 10 years later!

Adopt-a-Highway May 2021 PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Teresa Bender, Karen Stilp, Mary Hochendoner, Joe Lauver III, Denise Scotland, Ian Lauver, John Mimnall, Paula Zankel, Mike Blum and Sherry McLain.

Our 10 intrepid volunteers, led by Mike Blum, successfully scoured both sides of Route 325 between our two ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY SIGNS — thus about 4 miles of roadside!

CCWPA thanks everyone for volunteering on Saturday — a great time was had by all! We got it all done early, and well, filling 12 LARGE TRASH bags. Although it was a gloomy, cool morning, the weather certainly held up for us big time.

In ten years we've probably removed over 10,000 cigarette butts ... not to mention almost countless bottles, cans, bags, metal, plastic and even garbage. It has definitely improved the quality of the road, at least on our two-mile-long section.

Annual Meeting Hagy Park September 2021

2021 Annual Meeting Held

Our 2021 ANNUAL MEETING/PICNIC at Hagy Park on September 18, 2021, was fun, fun, fun!

We had a quorum, and elected Board Members, and discussed many important developments in the watershed.

As soon as the Minutes of this Annual Meeting are approved by the board, they will be posted for all to see and read.


The zoning of this tract, if changed from C-O to C-I, would allow the construction of a giant WAREHOUSE or even other things damaging to the watershed.

In brief:

The tract formerly known as "the Hagy Farm" (near the new 225 exit ramp off of 22/322; accessed from Hagy Lane on the west and Affection Road from the east) had been rezoned from R-A (residential/agricultural) to C-O (commercial/office) and R-3 high-density residential as part of a plan to build luxury apartments and a village-style development. The C-O zoning is surrounded by R-3 zoning, to Clarks Creek downhill to the north.

STOP THE HAGY FARM WAREHOUSE We are very pleased to relate that the APPLICATION from LDI to rezone the property has been PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN. If any change is desired in the future, the process will have to start from scratch.

This is a tremendous VICTORY for our efforts, and those of the overall community! We will remain vigilant, of course, in the fight to preserve and protect our watershed!

For an explanation of what was at stake, please view the recording of our June, 2021, ZOOM PUBLIC MEETING on this subject:

We Rocked the Mid-Pax Lions Carnival

Carnival July 2021Thinking that a popular carnival would be a great way to get the word out about CCWPA in general and our fight against the warehouse in particular, we staffed a booth at the Middle Paxton Lions Club Carnival on July 29-31. It was a huge success!

We gave out “Stop the LDI Warehouse” yard signs; took donations; signed up new members and chatted with dozens of interested people from the greater Dauphin area!

The fireworks Friday night were fun to see, too!

A Fascinating Firehouse Tour

Rusbatch tour August 2021Robert "Rusty" Rusbatch, Dauphin Emergency Services Coordinator, invited CCWPA to take a Firehouse Field Trip and Go-Bag info session on August 5th.

At the session, Rusty showed CCWPA members the equipment, described the protection and emergency process, and showed what a “Go-Bag” (something everyone should keep ready at all times) should include.

To help you plan yours,
here is a PDF showing the entire function!

Our booth at the Wildwood Park Wetlands Festival on Saturday, April 24, was also a huge success. We met many folks and gave out important information about our watershed.

We Had a Tremendous "Trash Collection Success"!

The Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association (CCWPA) held its 19th "Adopt-a-Highway" Trash pickup session on Saturday, September 26, 2020, from 9 am to noon. Once again, our efforts were under the aegis of the Great American Clean-Up of Pennsylvania.

Our 10 intrepid volunteers, led by Mike Blum, successfully scoured both sides of Route 325 between our two ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY SIGNS — thus about 4 miles of roadside!

We picked up 12 large bags of trash-garbage and 6 bags of recyclable materials (mostly cardboard, aluminum cans and some glass), despite a pretty steady cold drizzle.

Afterwards, as promised, we repaired (inside, but socially distant!) to a "Pizza Party" where we reviewed our proud 10-year history and looked forward to the future.


Our 2020 Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, using ZOOM, the popular "Virtual Meeting" software that has transformed meetings around the world!

Twelve voting members and three guests attended the meeting, which was chaired by our President Paula Zankel. Among the highlights of the meeting was the election of Mike Blum, Ryan Evans, Arlene Taylor and Brett Zankel to TWO YEAR TERMs (terms expire in September 2022) on the CCWPA Board of Directors.

For the complete Minutes of this meeting, please
visit this link.


The Clarks Creek Watershed Preservation Association (CCWPA) held its THIRD EVER "Creek Walk," on Sunday, June 9, 2019, from 3 - 5 pm.

The CCWPA creek walk in June 2019Biologist Rachel Goad from the Western PA Conservancy led the walk, along with Mike Blum (the property owner of the path walked).

Rachel showed us riparian flowers and other growing things of interest, and was able to identify every growing thing along the way.

Plus, new growth of hemlocks to shade the creek were observed, as well as some invasive species.

See the map to note where we walked. Photos of the walk have been posted on our Facebook page.

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